Constipation & Bowel Health in Vancouver

Constipation and Gut Health

Constipation – It’s something almost everyone has experienced at one point in their life and yet it is also something no one likes to talk about. Research says that between 15-20% of adults have constipation that is troublesome enough to seek medical attention. For reasons we don’t entirely understand, women experience constipation 2x as often as men.

The colon is an amazing organ that helps the body eliminate things it no longer needs or can use. How it does this is actually quite complex. Your core muscles, including your Pelvic Floor, are vital for your colon to move stool along and empty easily on a regular basis!

In particular, your pelvic floor is the gateway out of your body! If you can’t lengthen and open your pelvic floor, you are going to strain and have a hard time with bowel movements. This straining over time can lead to hemorrhoids, pelvic organ prolapse and hernias.

Treatment for constipation at Pinnacle may include:

  • Nutrition review and counseling related to constipation

  • Healthy habits to improve gut motility and get the gut into a more regular routine

  • Whole Body physical assessment looking at breathing, abdominal mobility, pelvic floor muscles, and more.

  • Abdominal and GI massage

  • Pelvic floor muscle coordination training if these muscles struggle to relax and lengthen for a healthy bowel movement

  • Education and guidance on foundational health concepts involving the #1 detox pathway of the body—> our colon

If you ready to normalize your bowel movements, learn more about how to integrate your core movements to optimize your colon function and stop straining, make an appointment to come in for a comprehensive head to toe evaluation and get on the path to healing.

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Mara H.

“I have two daughters who are competitive dancers and aspiring ballerinas. They have had various injuries due to the repetitive nature of dance as well as time spent training. I was lucky to have met Buffy Stinchfield at the girls’ dance studio and especially, because she is a former dancer as well. She has worked with my girls for over a year to pinpoint their injuries, prescribed effective exercises, made changes as necessary when needed. I’m happy to say my girls have recovered from those injuries.
Buffy is wonderful to work with; very patient and explained details of how muscles and skeletal system work together so we could understand why and what was going on with their bodies leading to pain. Very thorough. Buffy understood exactly what caused the pain through observing movements my girls performed, and exactly how to correct improper use of muscles and body alignment. Buffy will be the first person I visit when in need of a physical therapist. I highly recommend her! She will take the time needed to understand how your injury occurred, and get you on the road to recovery.”

Andrea C.

“I went to Buffy because I am a 40+ tap dancer with lots of old injuries that are showing themselves. I also had a c-section with a horizontal and vertical incision, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give some attention to any pelvic imbalances she may find. I know I picked the right PT because Buffy looks at me as an individual and decides on a treatment plan that is just right for me. She performs hands-on treatment as well as giving me exercises to practice on my own.”