Lactation Support in Vancouver

Breast feeding can be quite the surprising challenge for many new moms and veteran moms alike. Lactation support promotes the breast feeding relationship and strives for optimal outcomes with mother and baby through evidence-based protocols to empower success.

Common Concerns Include:

  • Trouble with latching

  • Oversupply / Engorgement

  • “My neck always hurts while I’m breastfeeding”

  • “I can’t find a comfortable position”

  • “The latch is painful”

  • “Baby always seems like they’re hungry”

  • “I feel like I’m not producing enough milk”

  • “I keep getting mastitis”

  • “I think my baby has a lip or tongue tie”

What Our Certified Lactation Support Therapist in Vancouver Can Do: 

  • 1:1 counseling sessions

  • Assessment of infant oral anatomy and musculoskeletal system, breast anatomy, and latching

  • Optimizing successful latch and milk transfer

  • Successful positioning for breastfeeding

  • Ergonomics for pain and injury prevention

  • Promotion of lactating parent nutrition

  • Referrals and collaboration with your interdisciplinary team

  • Ultrasound and kinesiotape for treatment of mastitis or clogged milk ducts

  • Guidance with using a pump

Getting support in the early weeks and months is crucial for success.

We are able to do virtual consults and evaluations in the early days and weeks when getting out of the house is difficult, and sessions in our clinic when it works for mother and baby. Even better, we can work with lactation as well as postpartum recovery for mom in the same visit!

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