Pelvic Floor Therapy Service Here in Vancouver, WA

Serving women in the Vancouver, WA and surrounding area dealing with pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic floor weakness, core instability, and pubic pain.

Why schedule an appointment with us at Pinnacle Women’s Therapeutics?

Your pelvic floor is unique to you. That means that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to helping our patients feel better, move better, and live better. For us, we value client care and client results above all else and we take an interest in those we serve. There’s no rush-in and rush-out here. We make sure that there is time for you to be heard, understood, and that you feel like you have a team member on board with you. Our virtual consults allow us to get to know you over the phone (or video) before coming into our office. Most of our clients are busy women, either working as professionals, organizing the kids schedules, or often times both. We know how precious time is to you. That’s why we always start with a virtual consult first. Click the button above or below to schedule your consult with us.

What Other Women Are Saying About Their Experience Working With Us At Pinnacle Women’s Therapeutics

“Buffy helped me identify the underlying cause of long-term lower back pain and gave me exercises that I can do that have made a tremendous difference! I have been running for many years and, due to the pain, was afraid I wouldn’t be able to run again. The most remarkable thing about her care is that she is SO thorough. She is the only practitioner that has been able to identify and offer permanent solutions to correct this issue. I am running again, pain-free. Her appointments are lengthy and her rates very reasonable. I highly recommend.”


— Alison Finstad

“I went here to see Buffy Stinchfield because my chiropractor said she’s the best in the area for pelvic floor work. I was so impressed. She really took time with me. She gave me just a few manageable steps to work on at home and throughout my day and even had ME write them down in a little book she gave me. She’s extremely knowledgeable and did some strength testing to see where I might need some more focus – it was definitely a holistic view of how my body works, not just focused in on one spot. She even helped me navigate the insurance coverage aspect. Buffy really was so kind and approachable I felt completely cared for and welcome. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat. She’s wonderful!”


— Live Pure Mama

“Buffy is the first physical therapist I have had (and I have had a lot!) who truly takes the time and effort to treat you thoroughly and effectively. She is passionate about her work and her patients, always trying to learn better methods to treat us. Since being treated at Pinnacle Women’s Therapeutics I have improved my quality of life immensely. Buffy makes you feel very comfortable so it is easier to open up about what’s going on with your body. I highly recommend Pinnacle Women’s Therapeutics!”


— Chris Davis

“Buffy has given me the information and tools I need to get my body back in working order after my third baby. I had no idea how destructive my habits of moving and sitting were to my core and pelvic health. And the changes to improve strength and control are so simple! Buffy literally helped improve my life ; )”


— Alanna A

“I went to Buffy, my daughter-in-law, somewhat hesitantly because pelvic issues are such private issues. I was impressed on how professional and sensitive she was to my issues and what great advice she gave. I recommend her highly!!”


— Barbara Stinchfield

“I have received the best of care from Pinnacle Women’s Therapeutics. Buffy will push you to get the best results, but understand when limits have been reached and a different approach is required. Because of the therapy I have received from Pinnacle, I am once again able to walk with a normal gait and speed.”


— Katie Siewert

“Before my pelvic surgery, I had no idea there was a need for pelvic therapy. I was apprehensive, but Buffy was awesome! She took time to explain the therapy help make me comfortable. She knew just when to move forward with each step. Buffy, my husband and I can’t thank you enough.”


— Debi Krouse

“I wish I would have found her sooner. She really knows how to help. She is very professional and thorough.”


— Abbie Wallace

“Very caring and thorough PT for Women’s Health Issues. Spends time with you about your problems and issues. Makes you feel comfortable.”


— Linda E

“I went to Buffy because I am a 40+ tap dancer with lots of old injuries that are showing themselves. I also had a c-section with a horizontal and vertical incision, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give some attention to any pelvic imbalances she may find. I know I picked the right PT because Buffy looks at me as an individual and decides on a treatment plan that is just right for me. She performs hands-on treatment as well as giving me exercises to practice on my own.”


— Andrea C

“Buffy is amazing! She approaches physical therapy like a sleuth and designs exercises that will teach your body had to move in a way that supports you.”


— Lisa Ashbu