Postpartum Care in Vancouver

Having our babies are some of the most memorable (and exhausting) times of our lives.  We are naturally consumed with caring for our babies, watching their weight gain or losses, helping them learn to nurse, getting them on a sleep schedule, and on and on.


SO MUCH JUST HAPPENED TO OUR BODIES in the process of carrying and delivering our baby.  Absolutely EVERY body system was altered in the process. Bladder was sat on, bowels were cramped for space (hello constipation), joints were stretched and possibly strained, the pelvis shifted, the back muscles worked overtime to hold us up, neck and upper back gets strained holding our new baby, and let’s talk about that PELVIC FLOOR after delivery or C-SECTION SCAR!

Typically we are given a go-ahead to go back to having sex and participating in running, crossfit, etc. at our 6 week postpartum visit with our birth provider.  But sadly, no assessments are done of our muscles, joints, or core and pelvic floor to determine that we are actually in fact SAFE to go back to these things without significant risk to our healing body.

A thorough POSTPARTUM ASSESSMENT administered by our Pelvic Floor Therapists is both medically justified AND CRUCIAL to ensure the best postpartum recovery.

How soon can we see a pelvic therapist in Vancouver after delivery?

  • We encourage new moms to schedule a virtual assessment as early as 1-2 weeks postpartum. In this visit, we can talk through the birth story, screen for any issues, support mother in both self care and ergonomics with baby care.

  • An in-office assessment can be done as early as 3-4 weeks postpartum or as far out as 2-3 years.

Note: We will delay the pelvic floor strength assessment till week 6.

Questions & Issues we will address in this assessment:

  • Scar healing (perineum or c-section)

  • Core and pelvic floor muscle coordination and strength

  • Bladder leakage

  • Pelvic heaviness

  • Constipation or hemorrhoids

  • Return to sex and painful sex

  • Return to fitness activities and running

  • Postpartum back and neck pain

  • Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (abdominal muscle separation)

Getting cared for in the 4th trimester and beyond is NOT indulgent.  It is ESSENTIAL to recovering FULLY and THRIVING as a mother.

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Leanna M.

 “Buffy had been my support system not just through my pregnancy but my postpartum as well. Not just physically but also emotionally. I can’t express how grateful I am to have her in my life. She makes me feel safe and comfortable. Definitely has the patient’s best interest at heart.”

Chelsea S.

“I have tried everything to help my sciatica issues that came after having a baby and I cannot say enough good things about Buffy and her team! Buffy has helped me start my process of healing and given me peace of mind! Highly recommend!”