Prenatal Care & Birth Coaching in Vancouver

We are set up to give you the postpartum care that you NEED! Whether that means a virtual check-in while you’re still at home with baby, or an in-person assessment when you’re comfortable! We LOVE our new moms and are more than happy to accommodate your needs during this delicate time while still providing exceptional care for YOU to feel your best. You deserve it!

Pelvic physical therapists commonly see women for pregnancy related issues like back pain, pelvic pain, new onset of bladder leaks, and more. But did you know that one of our superpowers is helping women PREPARE THEIR BODIES FOR BIRTH?!

IT IS TIME for us to EMPOWER our fellow WOMEN so that they feel 100% PREPARED for their births NO MATTER the circumstances.

We have found that an ASSESSMENT early in the 2nd Trimester has been INCREDIBLY VALUABLE to pregnant women in preparing for their birth. We call this BIRTH COACHING.


Who Would Benefit from Birth Coaching?

Birth Coaching is ideal for:

  • First time mothers

  • Women who would like a successful vaginal birth after c-section

  • Women looking to prevent re-injury to the pelvic floor

  • Moms who have already been dealing with pelvic floor issues such as pelvic pain, bladder leaks, or other musculoskeletal issues.

Birth Coaching Includes

  • A thorough whole body ASSESSMENT to identify what your body needs to best prepare for an optimal delivery.

  • Knowledge of HOW to connect to your core and pelvic floor with breath for delivery.

  • Knowledge of HOW to push successfully and what birth positions are best for your body and reduce your birth injury risk.

  • Address issues such as pelvic and back pain.

  • Guidance in safe exercise for the remainder of pregnancy.

A Birth Coaching Plan Includes:

  • 1 Evaluation Session

  • 2-3 Coaching Sessions with or without your birth partner

*When there are current issues such as back pain, pelvic pain, or pelvic floor dysfunction, we may work together beyond this 3 session time frame to be sure your issues are resolved prior to your due date.

And the BEST part??

Our pregnant clients are set up for a MUCH better healing journey postpartum, because they have ALREADY learned how to connect to their core and pelvic floor muscles with their breath which is CRUCIAL to heal fully postpartum.

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Angela P.

“Buffy is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about women’s care. She is easy to talk to, her office is very comfortable and friendly. She is amazing in helping new moms prepare for birth and heal smoothly afterwards. I highly recommend her!”

Terri A.

“Heather was friendly, informative, professional and relatable. I felt heard and cared for. I felt like Heather was interested in me and my well-being. Isn’t that what we all want?”