Pelvic Tension Exercise Series

At the heart of more than 70% of my patients’ pelvic floor issues (pain, bladder leakage, prolapse, etc) is excessive pelvic floor muscle tension. These same women will likely have been told by a well-meaning doctor or friend to “do their kegels”.
While kegels can sometimes be what a person needs, it very often will only make their symptoms worse if they are suffering from involuntary tension in these muscles. Women today live with a lot of stress, and our pelvic floor muscles are often storing that stress physically.

These pelvic tension exercises are usually a very safe place to start for most women with pelvic floor dysfunction, especially if they have EVER experienced pelvic pain.

Download this pelvic tension series and go through each exercise with the focus of seeing what your body feels with each one. If it feels tender or tight with a certain stretch, you likely can benefit from the stretch. The muscles of the hips are closely linked to the pelvic floor muscles. Helping to relax these muscles can help your pelvic floor tension as well.

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