PHQ Discussion & Next Steps

You have taken the Pelvic Health Quiz… Now What? Watch this video with information to discover your next steps!

This pelvic health quiz has been researched and validated to show that if a person answers yes to 3 or more items on this quiz, that pelvic floor dysfunction is likely.

Well, a test is only helpful if it provides you with answers and guidance as to where to go from HERE. The questions in this quiz are screening for issues that can be very serious and negatively impact your quality of life. It is my hope that this quiz is a stepping stone for you to get to the answers and solutions that can help you overcome your issues and get back to enjoying life FULLY.

In this table, you will see brief comments about the question and what are the next best steps to take if you DID answer yes to the question. If you feel that you answered yes to too many items, then I would strongly encourage you to schedule a virtual consult with me. I can help you sort out your issues and give you actionable guidance and save you time.

In Compassionate Solidarity,
Buffy Stinchfield, PT

1 → Pelvic Pain? Pelvic pain is incredibly common. The muscles connected to the pelvis are usually involved and are over tense. Pelvic Tension Series
2 → Fall onto back, pelvis or tailbone? Injuries to the pelvis can often result in muscle dysfunction in the pelvic floor, back and hips. Pelvic Tension Series
3 → Urinary Symptoms? As you can see from this question, there are MANY types of bladder symptoms. Bladder Health Guide
4 → Night Time Frequency? This issue is common and can really impact our ability to get enough sleep which will have other consequences on our health. Bladder Health Guide
5 → Pelvic Pressure or Prolapse Symptoms? Up to 50% of women will experience this to some extent and there is a LOT we can do holistically. Prolapse Guide
6 → Low back pain, sciatica, hip pain, groin strain, tailbone pain? There can be a pelvic floor muscle component to your issue, especially if it is NOT resolving with traditional care with a chiropractor or orthopedic PT. A pelvic PT would be a great detective to find the true driver of your pain! Virtual Consult
7 → Bowel Health Issues? There are multiple types of bowel issues from inability to prevent leakage, to constipation, to rectal prolapse. Virtual Consult (Leakage or Constipation) Prolapse Guide (Prolapse Suspected)
8 → Pain with Sex? While this is very common, women are not talking about this. Start with the pelvic tension series and then schedule a free consult. You do NOT have to continue dealing with this alone. Pelvic Tension Series
9 → Does sex increase other symptoms? Sexual intercourse and activity does involve your pelvic floor muscles. If your symptoms worsen with sexual activity, a proper assessment by a pelvic PT would be the best next step, but you would likely benefit from downloading the pelvic tension series. Pelvic Tension Series
10 → Sitting Increases Symptoms? Sitting can aggravate both a low back or tailbone issue or nerves at the bottom of the pelvis called the pudendal nerves that affect the pelvic floor. Virtual Consult

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