Heather Jenny

Heather Jenny



Do you know what the number one reason applicants give as to why they want to become a Physical Therapist? It’s to help people and I have to confess; it was my number one reason too!

When I had my first child, I suffered a pelvic floor injury. Being a physical therapist, I thought for sure that I would be able to figure out how to fix myself. Boy was I wrong! 28 years ago, there were very few Pelvic Floor PT’s and only one in the entire state I lived in. So, I drove, two hours each way, every week to go see her. As I healed, I realized that I could learn and help other women with pelvic floor problems.

Things have changed a lot since I began my journey to help women with pelvic floor problems! All people have pelvic floors, including men and children, and they can all have problems! Thank goodness, pelvic floor Physical Therapy helps all people!

The pelvic floor is only one part of coordinated core function. It’s vital that the PF works well with the other components including your back, abdominals and your respiratory diaphragm! When they don’t, problems and pain develop!

Because the pelvic floor is integrated with other parts of your body, I became an integrated practitioner! I became certified in an integrated type of therapy called Postural Restoration that assesses people from head to toe and integrates with many different types of providers. I’d love to explain how your breathing, sleep, foot function and jaw function can influence how your pelvic floor works!

I helped develop a multi-disciplinary sexuality and pelvic pain clinic and would love to integrate with your providers to improve your sexual health and pain concerns. I love working with parents and children that have problems with bladder and bowel problems. I realize how problematic and embarrassing both of these spectrums of problems can be! But I am equally excited to tell you that I can help, and you are not alone!

My passion lead me to teach and mentor other PT’s in pelvic floor problems. That passion also lead to becoming part of the first class of board certified PT’s in women’s health physical therapy and in pelvic floor biofeedback.

If you are a person with pelvic floor problems, I am here to help! I hope you reach out or sign up for a virtual consult! I look forward to partnering with you and finding a path forward.