015: Childbirth During COVID-19 Part 2 with NYC Doula Chantal Traub

015: Childbirth During COVID-19 Part 2 with NYC Doula Chantal Traub

April 16, 2020

Where we have honest conversations with experts in all things health and happiness ranging from pregnancy through menopause… I’m Buffy Stinchfield and I’m on a mission to EMPOWER women to THRIVE instead of being the victim to the unique challenges we face.


As a pelvic health physical therapist and mom of 3, I’ve seen and experienced the struggles that we face as moms and know that we don’t have to do it alone! Join me as we tackle the questions and issues that are core to our experience as women and mothers.

Let’s Be Empowered Together!

Expecting persons all over the world are feeling an added amount of stress in anticipation of their upcoming childbirth experience. What will it be like? Will I be able to have a support person with me? Will I have to wear a mask? And on and on. Chantal and Buffy talk about what it’s been like in New York City. A place hardest hit by the pandemic and how she is preparing her clients for their birth no matter the circumstance.

Listen in as we talk about what you need to know now.

Chantal Traub, CD, LCCE, CCCE


Originally from South Africa, I studied yoga in Los Angeles and after I became certified, I started teaching prenatal yoga in New York. After being invited by some of my students to attend their births, I became certified as both a doula and a childbirth educator.

I was invited by Erica Lyon, owner of Realbirth, New York City’s first comprehensive childbirth education and postpartum center, to teach both Childbirth Education, Newborn Care and Yoga.

I have been assisting expecting families in the New York Metro area since 2003 and draw from my vast experience when teaching and assisting my clients.


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