019: Diastasis Rectus Journey with Lisa Marie Ryan

019: Diastasis Rectus Journey with Lisa Marie Ryan

June 11, 2020

Where we have honest conversations with experts in all things health and happiness ranging from pregnancy through menopause… I’m Buffy Stinchfield and I’m on a mission to EMPOWER women to THRIVE instead of being the victim to the unique challenges we face.


As a pelvic health physical therapist and mom of 3, I’ve seen and experienced the struggles that we face as moms and know that we don’t have to do it alone! Join me as we tackle the questions and issues that are core to our experience as women and mothers.

Let’s Be Empowered Together!

A diastasis so severe that it led to a career change from high school English teacher and competitive CrossFit athlete to postpartum fitness and athleticism coach?

You have GOT to hear her story!

Lisa Marie Ryan gets real and shares her journey from competitive CrossFit athlete to postpartum mama with a major diastasis to healed and strong after her long journey that included thousands of miles of travel, many expert consults, and a surgical repair.

She shares her wonderful insight and wisdom with all women that are dealing with diastasis themselves.

Lisa Ryan

Lisa Ryan has been doing CrossFit since 2004 and a former regional level competitor (2010 – 2013). She is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and also a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Specialist.

After having her second son she decided to change careers from a high school English teacher of 12 years, to a pregnancy and postpartum athleticism trainer.

She has been on an intense healing journey with healing her own severe diastasis and has chronicled much of it on her instagram account to guide and inspire other women going through their postpartum healing journey.

Instagram: @lisa.marie.ryan

Website: lisa-ryan.com

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