020: Getting Back To Running Postpartum with Christine Pieton

020: Getting Back To Running Postpartum with Christine Pieton

June 25, 2020

Where we have honest conversations with experts in all things health and happiness ranging from pregnancy through menopause… I’m Buffy Stinchfield and I’m on a mission to EMPOWER women to THRIVE instead of being the victim to the unique challenges we face.


As a pelvic health physical therapist and mom of 3, I’ve seen and experienced the struggles that we face as moms and know that we don’t have to do it alone! Join me as we tackle the questions and issues that are core to our experience as women and mothers.

Let’s Be Empowered Together!

For women who like to run, getting back to it postpartum can be quite the journey. When is too early? How do I know if I’m ready to run? What do I do if I leak? Why do I now have hip pain or knee pain?

Christine Pieton has been a lifelong runner, is a running coach, and is a physical therapist who specializes in running. She and I chat about the journey that is getting back to running.

Listen as she tackles some of the most common issues and questions mama runners have!

Dr. Christine Pieton, PT, DPT


Christine is a sport and women’s pelvic health physical therapist who specializes in running mechanics and postpartum return-to-sport recovery. She is passionate about helping her fellow ladies feel strong and confident from the inside out, without pain, leaking or limitations.

Dr. Chris truly believes all women deserve better guidance for their prenatal and postpartum journeys, and is on a mission to change the conversation from “I wish someone had told me” to “I’m so glad I knew…”.

Dr. Christine is the owner and founder of Pieton Physical Therapy in Santa Barbara, CA.

Website: www.pietonphysicaltherapy.com

Instagram: @pietonpt

Facebook Page: @pietonpt

Free Facebook Group: Mama Runs Wild, where we talk about all things women’s health, strength training, and pelvic floor support as they relate to running. I’d love to have you join us if you’re interested!

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