031: Navigating Your Path Towards Toxin-Free Living

031: Navigating Your Path Towards Toxin-Free Living

December 10, 2020

Where we have honest conversations with experts in all things health and happiness ranging from pregnancy through menopause… I’m Buffy Stinchfield and I’m on a mission to EMPOWER women to THRIVE instead of being the victim to the unique challenges we face.


As a pelvic health physical therapist and mom of 3, I’ve seen and experienced the struggles that we face as moms and know that we don’t have to do it alone! Join me as we tackle the questions and issues that are core to our experience as women and mothers.

Let’s Be Empowered Together!

When it comes to making healthy choices for ourselves and our families, many of us have a blind spot when it comes to toxins in our self-care and home products that can be harming our health. So I just HAD to chat with Krissie about her vast knowledge and learn just what is in our favorite self-care and home products and what steps can we take NOW to move towards a more toxin-free life! She gives GREAT advice and encouragement for any of us who are feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Krissie Lenahan

I’m Krissie Lenahan, wife, teacher, adventurer and boy-mom. My hubby, Joe and I live in Vancouver, WA with our 7 year old son, Jacob. When I’m not racing toy monster trucks or teaching high school Health, I’m empowering moms to move toward toxin-free living. I educate and empower moms by giving them the tools and knowledge to choose safe products. As a Senior Ambassador for Pure Haven I share their natural products with families hoping to increase their overall wellness, decrease their impact on the environment and access effective, affordable products.


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