Birth Coaching With A Pelvic Physical Therapist

Birth Coaching With A Pelvic Physical Therapist

October 21, 2021

Now more than ever, expecting women are finding that they are NOT getting the support they NEED in preparation for their deliveries.  With the COVID restrictions and changes in medical office protocols, they are having fewer prenatal visits and we are being told by patients that they are having VIRTUAL postpartum visits instead of in-person visits. ???? 

Pelvic physical therapists commonly see women for pregnancy related issues like back pain, pelvic pain, new onset of bladder leaks, and more. But did you know that one of our superpowers is helping women PREPARE THEIR BODIES FOR BIRTH?!

IT IS TIME for us to EMPOWER our fellow WOMEN so that they feel 100% PREPARED for their births NO MATTER the circumstances.

We have found that an ASSESSMENT early in the 2nd Trimester has been INCREDIBLY VALUABLE to pregnant women in preparing for their birth. We call this BIRTH COACHING!

As we continue to help expecting women, we are surprised by how little information they are receiving from their birth support team and they often have questions like:

  • What kind of exercise is best to actually prepare my body for labor?

  • How can my partner be of help to me now and during labor?

  • What the heck is perineal massage and should I be doing this?

  • I’ve heard I’m supposed to do Kegels.  Is that a thing?

  • I am considering birthing in the birthing tub, but I have no idea what that looks like.

  • I’m afraid of tearing my pelvic floor.  Can I prevent this?

  • And so much more!

We find that each pregnant client has a very unique pregnant body and needs different support from us.  Some have a lot of muscle tension in their back and hips and need a lot of hands on care to reduce this in preparation for their vaginal birth.  Others are having round ligament or belly pain and benefit from guidance on an abdominal support brace or kinesio taping for their belly.  And still others are having low back or pelvic girdle pain and need both hands on care and gentle exercises.

ALL of our expecting clients respond wonderfully to helping them connect their breath with their core and pelvic floor and learn the basics of an EFFECTIVE PUSH in the positions that work best for THEIR BODY.  And here’s a hint: it’s NEVER been while laying on their back in my office like we see in the movies!

So who is birth coaching for?

  • First time mamas

  • Not first time mamas that want a better do-over this time

  • Had a c-section and plan to have a VBAC this time

  • Anyone who wants to get a combination of hands on care and customized birth coaching all in one!

What happens after the delivery date?  We are available for questions via email or text at ANY TIME in those early weeks postpartum and are happy to see our clients virtually or in person before 6 weeks for urgent concerns and after 6 weeks for that oh-so-crucial postpartum assessment that EVERY MOTHER NEEDS.

Please feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions about this service.  We LOVE empowering our expecting clients!

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