Find Out Which Foods Can Irritate Our Bladders

Find Out Which Foods Can Irritate Our Bladders

February 2, 2018

Hi friends!  I was just talking to a new client about this and realized I should share it with you.  Have you ever had a time where for some reason, your bladder seemed to have to be emptied more frequently than normal?  This often happens for women when they have a UTI.

But this same symptom can also happen without one.

It is a sign that your bladder is irritated. Yep, if the lining of the bladder is irritated, you will feel more frequent urges to empty.  For some women, this can become a way of life.  Always having to map out the nearest bathroom or fearing that they cannot do all of the fun outdoor activities they would like in the absence of a handy restroom nearby.

The concept that I would like to introduce here, is that our diets can in fact be a source of irritation for this sensitive bladder issue.  I often give a handy list to clients of foods and beverages that they should look over to see if they can try eliminating one for a while and see if they notice a difference.  This list is not one where we tell women that they can never consume these items again.  Every bladder is different and what could trigger your bladder may be different from mine.  We use it to play a bit of detective work.  Holding off on something for 1-2 weeks.  If they notice a huge improvement, then we talk about considering staying away from that item.

So instead of giving you THE LIST, I figured I would summarize it here.

  • acid foods

  • spicy foods

  • artificial sweeteners

  • carbonated beverages

  • tea, coffee

  • caffeine

  • chocolate… I try to ignore this one!

If you are currently dealing with a gotta go gotta go bladder, you may want to review this list for yourself and see if one of these items is the trigger.  Sure would beat having to take a prescription pill or live with this issue long term huh?!

Here’s to long hikes and outdoor fun without a care.  No woman should have to feel tied to a bathroom.  There is help.  That’s what I do.  If you would like help with playing detective with your bladder issues, CONTACT me.  I love this work.  I love helping my fellow women.

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