My Detox Journey and What I Have Learned That Can Help You

My Detox Journey and What I Have Learned That Can Help You

February 3, 2022

Just a few years ago, I would have never thought I’d be writing a blog post about detoxing.  Because I was basically clueless about what it was and how you did it.  I thought detoxing was a liquid diet for several days or some other restrictive food thing.  And it sounded like it was probably good to do, but I wasn’t even sure what we were trying to detox.

Fast forward to today, and I have learned a TON.  I have slowly adopted several things into my daily life and am still working on adding more.  Why you may ask?  Because now I am aware of just how many toxins we are surrounded by at all times and I have two very close family members that are both battling cancer.  In researching cancer self care and cancer prevention, I was shocked to learn that the most common two treatments being chemo and radiation do not even address cancer stem cells!  That is up to lifestyle and reducing toxins!  When cancer gets this close to home, it’s a sign to learn what you can to help them if they ask for it and to learn for yourself and immediate family.

So here is what I have learned.

Clues that we need to detox our body:

  • Struggling with weight

  • Chronic pain

  • Gut issues

  • Fatigue

  • Bloating

  • Brain Fog

  • Sleep Issues

  • Irregular or wacky period

  • Autoimmune symptoms/disease

  • Inflammation

  • Moodiness

Why Do We Need To Detox?

Isn’t that something our body does on its own?

Our world is one big toxic soup.  Way worse than what our ancestors lived through just 100 years ago.  Toxins are well documented and found in:

  • The air

  • Drinking water

  • Food

  • Self Care Products

  • Parasites (90% of us have them in abundance and parasites store toxins)

  • Household and garden chemicals

  • Stress

While we have organ systems that detox for us, they are wildly overburdened from what we are exposed to today. And when these toxins and excess hormones cannot be cleared out, we see the symptoms I listed above.

Here are the Main Pathways That We Can Eliminate Toxins From Our Body:

  • Liver

  • Kidneys

  • Lymphatic system

  • Lungs

  • Skin

  • Sweat Glands

  • Bowel/Colon

The best first step in detoxing, is to STOP bringing toxins into our body.  It seems like an awful waste of energy to start detoxing if we haven’t changed anything about bringing those toxins in right?  Here is what I have done so far and am NEVER going back if I am blessed to continue to make these healthier choices.  I will wholeheartedly admit that these things are not cheap and I am sad that it’s not easy to do these things.

  • Get the cleanest water you can access.  For us, we purchased an AquaTru water filter at home and at the office.  It has 3 filters and filters out as much as a filter can that is under $500. It filters out lead, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, PFAs, nitrate, and other harmful chemicals.  And it tastes amazing!

  • Swap out personal care items like face lotion and makeup to non toxic versions.  I have LOVED Pure Haven products for face wash, lotions, toner, eye cream, and hair care.  I found a plant based makeup line from 100% Pure that I know I an feel good about and actually works.

  • Cut back on processed foods and sugar.  Both increase inflammation.

  • Swap out fragranced products like candles and perfumes for essential oils like Doterra essential oils.  I have now been using them in diffusers at home and the clinic, using them in products for fragrance, and have found a TON of natural solutions with them for all kinds of things like stomach aches, headaches, acne, immune support, inflammation, muscle aches and more!

  • Try to buy organic foods when possible.  By doing this, we are saying no thanks to the chemicals and pesticides that are used on these crops.  You’d be surprised to learn that roundup is routinely sprayed on wheat crops just before harvest and is going straight into our cereals and breads from all the major brands.  Ugh!

Next is to start to aid your lymphatic and sweat pathways by actually moving your body regularly and if it makes you sweat, even better!  Saunas are great for this goal and I am not yet a sauna person, but want to try it again (with my new knowledge of course).

Once you feel like you are beginning to substitute out more toxic products and foods for less toxic ones, it is time to start supporting your body to be able to detox fully.  So we are not talking about a one week thing here.  I am talking about TRULY detoxing.  I credit much of what I have learned about detoxing to CellCore Biosciences.  A wellness company dedicated to true cellular health.  They have been a wealth of knowledge and information on all things scientific literature and research into just what is foundational health and how to help the cells function optimally through supporting detoxification.  Though there is a more logical protocol.  We don’t want to jump head first into a heavy detox protocol if certain systems aren’t working well first.  Namely, the drainage pathways and the cells ability to make energy in order to detox.

Here is a breakdown of a guided multi-phase detox protocol that can truly get to the root of most health issues:

This protocol has been a game changer for me, as I started working through how I actually could detox my body.  Getting out heavy metals and parasites?  Mold toxins and other critters? Cell Core has you covered.  The first phase that is MOST essential to start out strong, I am pretty good at helping people with drainage  Us pelvic PTs are known for helping with constipation and bowel issues.  Just check out this previous BLOG episode where I talk all about this.  Our goal in the detox journey is to be sure that we are having at least 2 bowel movements a day before diving into the cellcore protocol or other detox protocols.  This is due to the fact that once our cells and organs begin to package up toxins for elimination, we NEED to get them out.  Otherwise, we will be reabsorbing said toxins to place them somewhere else in the body.

Though supplements can get overwhelming for many people, and the cellcore protocol is using supplements that should be taken with guidance, the one supplement that I can easily discuss here is Magnesium.  It is an element that is needed by over 500 processes in the body, supports cellular energy, and is essential for the removal of certain toxins from the body.  Magnesium malate or glycinate are the best for the cells and do not cause loose stools.  But you can also get magnesium into your body through the skin.  In the clinic, we use magnesium lotion and have magnesium bath flakes for purchase for home.  Postpartum women especially can benefit from magnesium supplementation or magnesium baths as their body is dumping a lot of excess estrogen in the weeks following birth.  And if you are feeling any stress in your life?  You DEFINITELY need this mineral!  Magnesium gets seriously depleted during times of stress… even if it is happy stress!

So if you are thinking of detoxing, start at the basics and move forward one step at a time when you feel ready to move forward.  It can be as simple as changing your beauty products or getting your sweat on more regularly.

And if you have questions? Come see me and I can help be a guide to you. Your health will thank you for it!

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