Rebalancing Your Cycle & Hormones With The Help Of Seeds

Rebalancing Your Cycle & Hormones With The Help Of Seeds

August 11, 2019

If you haven’t heard of seed cycling, you aren’t alone.

But it could be your new favorite thing in managing your menstrual cycle and it’s not so welcome side effects!

A couple of years ago someone introduced me to the concept and I was of course skeptical.  FOOD to help with HORMONES?? The concept was foreign to me at the time, so I didn’t try this thing that a colleague told me had been around for hundreds of years.

Fast forward to now, where I have learned quite a lot about hormone balance and something called ESTROGEN DOMINANCE.

You know those not-so-welcome symptoms known as PMS?  Or bloating, weight gain, mood swings, hair loss, heavy periods, and more?  Yep. We have multiple kinds of estrogen in our bodies and one type is called estradiol.  It is usually responsible for the bulk of these symptoms and our liver is tasked with getting rid of it.  Foods like flax seed and pumpkin seeds can help support our liver in getting rid of estradiol.

I found this to be quite helpful in taming my suddenly heavy periods and I have talked with others who found that it really helped to regulate their irregular cycle within one to two cycles.

Though there are more options than the seeds, this is an easy thing to add to your diet and routine and not have to rush to the grocery store every week to get them.  I was able to purchase bulk bags of organic, unprocessed seeds from Amazon and they have lasted A YEAR! I added the seeds mostly to my smoothies, but also found I could add them (freshly ground) to salad and yogurt as well.  And using this does not mean you HAVE to eat them every single day, but more days than not to see the results.  

So I am sharing a PDF freebie with you all about seed cycling with the specific instructions HERE:

Realizing that there are actually foods that can help with hormones instead of just birth control pills is pretty darn empowering!!

NOTE: Some reasons why seeds may not be the best option for you are if you are sensitive to estrogenic foods (you may notice breast tenderness when eating flax) or if your gut is not good with eating seeds  (chronic gut inflammation and your doctor told you not to eat seeds).

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