Seeing a Pelvic PT Postpartum Is The New Standard of Care

Seeing a Pelvic PT Postpartum Is The New Standard of Care

March 31, 2022

Women who have given birth should NOT be made to feel that being seen by a pelvic PT postpartum is extra.  EVER.

Even when your birth provider has said that you are all clear to go back to exercise, sex, and all activities at 6 weeks you should STILL be getting checked by a pelvic floor physical therapist… ESPECIALLY when you are noticing issues with peeing, pooping or intimacy.

Feeling GOOD in your body postpartum is NOT a luxury… it is a NECESSITY to be the amazing mother you want to be and THRIVE in this journey.  We are way past the days where women joked about potty issues like it was a right of passage into motherhood.

It is definitely time that women advocate for themselves and not let the inaction of their birth providers result in postpartum issues that go untreated and do not resolve.  OBGYNs and midwives are the experts in the birth process, but most are not trained in assessing our neuromuscular function of our pelvic floor and core system in terms of postpartum recovery and return to sex and fitness activities. Fortunately in WA and OR, we have direct access to physical therapists, meaning that we do not need a referral to go to one.

What does a postpartum assessment look like at Pinnacle?

We have two options: 

1.    A 30 minute quick postpartum core assessment: that evaluates breathing patterning, body alignment, a diastasis screen, and deep core function screen.  This is great for women who aren’t sure how they are doing postpartum and would like to be sure they are on the right track in their healing or those who want to see what it’s like to work with us first and be screened quickly.

2.   A comprehensive 90 minute full body and pelvic health assessment: which includes head to toe assessment, core assessment, spine and pelvic alignment, hands on care to begin to feel better, pelvic floor internal assessment (if patient feels safe to do this), and a home program is started to get our patient headed in the right direction.  Follow up visits are made when there is an issue that needs resolving or they need guidance to safely get back to sport.  Healing takes time, and we are experts in the healing process!

In recovering postpartum, realize that the pelvic floor and abdominals are not the only areas that have been impacted by pregnancy and birth.  Most women we see early postpartum are also dealing with upper, mid, or lower back tension or pain as well as muscle imbalances or weakness in the core and hip musculature and even the feet!  Suddenly going from carrying a baby inside to carrying them 24 hour a day on the outside, as well as nursing and bottle feeding, can take down the best of us.  That’s why postpartum care is a full body focus!

We absolutely LOVE to care for our fellow mothers!


We have been there ourselves and WISH we had access to what we are able to provide others now.

Babies are welcome to come along and our patient care coordinator Jordyn is happy to help hold a baby as well when needed.

Contact us to learn more about postpartum (and prenatal) care or to schedule a postpartum evaluation today.

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