TRX and Suspension Trainers For Glute Strength

TRX and Suspension Trainers For Glute Strength

July 1, 2021

Reconnecting with and strengthening our glutes is CRUCIAL for restoring happy backs, knees, and pelvic floor and core.

But often, my patients struggle to find exercises where they aren’t also feeling their low back tense or feel too much strain in their knees.

I’ve been playing with the TRX (suspension trainer) and finding this to be awesome for this very issue.

And the bonus? You also get an upper body and core work and there are so many exercise options with these straps.


Position feet just wider than hip distance apart.

Focus on keeping shoulder blades set down and torso nice and tall.

First allow yourself to lean back and be supported with your arms.

As you move into a squat, DO NOT let your tailbone tuck under.

Instead, move your sit bones back and down and the joint in focus is the hips.

The low back should not feel a strain with this and the knees should stay really happy.

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