You Are Not Alone… A 2.7 Billion Dollar Industry Says So.

You Are Not Alone… A 2.7 Billion Dollar Industry Says So.

December 4, 2016

This is an open letter to all of you gals.  To my friends, my family, and everyone else.  In this crazy life journey, we have all experienced our share of challenges, trials, and bummer moments.  Some things we publicly post on social media to complain to our friends and maybe get a little sympathy or acknowledgements of a shared hardship.  Other things, we keep to ourselves.  Maybe we are a little too embarrassed about the challenge or just don’t think anyone else can relate.  One such “challenge” just so happens to be a thing I specialize in addressing professionally.  And spoiler alert… you are very likely NOT alone in this as there is an entire aisle in Target to address this challenge.  I’m talking about leaky bladder issues.  This issue is actually on the rise BIG time.   In a February 2016 article on Bloomberg Businessweek, sales in this market are projected to grow by 48% by 2020 to 2.7 BILLION dollars compared to only a projected growth of 2.6% in infant diapers.

It’s usually nice to see that things in the economy are on the rise and growing.  However, THIS is one that I cannot cheer for.  Not only is this a sad statement about where our collective bladder health is headed, it is even more sad that so many women have been told that this is normal and an expected part of our life experience.  Many women who have had babies find that jumping on the trampoline, sneezing, and getting their workout on at the gym are just not possible to do again while staying dry.  Just as many women who have not birthed their own children have similar issues.  This same article referenced above, reports that as many as 1 in 3 adults (more than 80% women) have bladder control issues.

Let’s just stop right there with the Debbie Downer talk.  Why? Because THIS does not have to be our reality.  We all deserve a higher quality of life that includes NOT having to shop in THAT aisle at Target.  How is this possible? Well, most of this is just the result of body imbalances that can be remedied by exercises and habit changes.  Women’s health physical therapists like me are very passionate about helping our clients eradicate this issue from their life experience.  With a little time, effort, education, and some simple exercises, a leaky bladder can likely be something you USED to have.

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