7 Keys To Running Leak Free

7 Keys To Running Leak Free

October 24, 2019

“Sometimes When I Run, I Pee”

A common statement that a pelvic floor physical therapist is very aware of. In fact, research says that about a THIRD of female runners have a hard time finishing a run without urine leakage.

This is actually about the same percent for women who leak urine in general! So for a THIRD of female runners, preparing for a run may include:

• Heading to the bathrooms JUST before a race.
• Packing wet wipes and change of clothes for AFTER the race.
• Mapping where bathrooms are DURING a run.
• Planning running clothes based on what color will hide wetness best.
• Purchasing and packing urine pads (which are way different from menstrual pads… they don’t work the same).

So as much as women DO NOT talk about this issue and maybe even chalk the leakage up to having had babies and such, it is both EXTREMELY INCONVENIENT and NOT NORMAL. It is your body’s way of telling you that things are not fully operational. That there is a muscle imbalance.

While a muscle imbalance in the hips, core or knees may lead to pain and sideline a runner, they can often continue to run. But it’s just with the inconvenience and discomfort of bladder leakage.

However, for MANY runners I treat that have bladder leakage, their muscle imbalances in the core and hips DO affect their ability to run injury-free. So not only do we end up resolving the bladder leakage or minimizing it greatly, we usually send them off with being a much more well-balanced runner with reduced knee and hip twinges or pains.

Their pelvic and core imbalance could be holding them back with their running goals of getting the next PR or keep them from signing up for certain races and events from embarrassment.

So besides the obvious advice to actually SEE a PELVIC PHYSICAL THERAPIST to properly assess and guide you to be able to run and stay wonderfully dry, I am going to share with you my newest freebie on the 7 Keys To Running LEAK FREE.

Download your free guide below, and then please contact me with any questions. Better yet, if you are in the Vancouver/Portland area, go ahead and schedule a free consult. We are happy to teach you our ways and guide you towards feeling confident and strong again!

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