To The Woman Who Feels Like She May Never Know Pain Free Sex In Her Lifetime, I SEE You!

To The Woman Who Feels Like She May Never Know Pain Free Sex In Her Lifetime, I SEE You!

April 15, 2019

And not in the take pity kind of seeing, but the true, raw and real kind.  I see you because I WAS you.

Not understanding how something everyone talks about as enjoyable, fun, and great even could be such a source of discomfort, pain and SHAME.  Feeling that somehow you were made broken and that no one around you seems to share your burden… or at least talk about it.

The blank stare from a medical provider or two when you got the guts to ask about painful sex or the unhelpful advice to “relax” or have a glass of wine from a well meaning friend adds insult to injury.  So it might feel better to just stop asking for help, because obviously no one can.

You would be wrong.

I also felt that there was no hope at times and I often just tried to put it out of my mind.  It wasn’t till after graduate school where I was in my first pelvic health course that I realized my issues were being lectured about on the course slides in front of the room.  The pelvic PT who was instructing us had no idea that one of her students was staring at the slides with heart pounding and throat tightening. Trying to come to terms with the fact that the last many years of her life experiences were being discussed with everyone.

That was a hard week of classes, but it was also my awakening.  For the first time I realized that my pelvic pain could be resolved and that I could help other women just like me.

Fast forward to almost 9 years later as I am now able to sit in my own beautiful, peaceful and private office with women with long histories of pain and failed treatments and show them that there is MORE that can be done.  That they have more power over their own pain than they had known.

It saddens me EVERY TIME that I meet with a woman who has been given multiple drugs and even surgery without ONE WORD about pelvic physical therapy.

I feel the burden of trying to get the word out that pelvic pain is NOT something to be endured for a lifetime.  Rather, it is something that we can truly move past with the right guidance and support.

So if you are reading this and identify with pelvic pain, then I encourage you to contact me to start down the path towards healing.  One where YOU are the captain of your healing team (not the helpless bystander). WE need to talk!

If you want a place to start right now, then download my free exercises for pelvic pain solutions here!

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